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The motor vehicle industry continues to create jobs in Spain
Vehicle manufacturers in Spain are keeping up employment generation levels in 2014. The motor vehicle industry continues the trend that was seen at the close of 2013 thanks to a series of investments in the sector. According to data by Anfac, turnover in the automotive sector grew by 11% last year, exceeding EUR 40 billion, and employment levels rose with 1,700 new jobs.
 Mercedes will be exporting its products from Vitoria all over the world
The German multinational will be exporting the latest versions of its V-Class and Vito models, manufactured at the plant in Vitoria, to all over Asia and North and South America. The project has involved an investment of EUR 190 million and created 400 new jobs.
The Vitoria plant is currently 50% devoted to the assembly of the new V-Class, with the remaining 50% dedicated to the previous Viano and Vito models. This coming September will see the start of production of the new Viano series, meaning that by then this new generation of models will take up over 80% of production at the Basque plant.
Renault creates 450 jobs at its Valladolid plant
The vehicle manufacturer will be establishing a third production shift at the Spanish plant in Valladolid thanks to the good sales performance of the Captur model, which is currently being sold in over 60 countries. The Renault Captur has become Europes leading model in the urban 4x4 segment, as well as in other export countries that it has spread to since it was first marketed in April 2013.
The rise in production will have a direct impact on the plants ancillary industry.
The company has also created the Experience programme, aimed at engineers, vocational training students and workers. This month saw the inauguration of the first Training School in Valladolid, which will prepare 400 young people with no technical training throughout 2014. Candidates must be unemployed, though this may depend on the needs of the production plants. After three weeks of training in technical skills and abilities based on the Renault Production System, students will receive an official diploma as Motor Vehicle Assemblers and will become part of Renaults work pool from which new employees will be hired. Sixty per cent of students will eventually be taken on by the company.
Thanks to the Renault Experience project on the whole, this year Renault will be training 500 young people, 20 of which will be engineers from the Industrial Engineering School in Valladolid, 75 from Vocational Training Centres in Valladolid and Palencia, and the remaining 405 will have no technical training at all and will come from all over Castile and León and Andalusia.
Opel will be creating more than 1,000 jobs at its plant in Zaragoza during 2015
Opels plant in Figueruelas (Zaragoza) is beginning to reap the fruit of a year packed with new product launches. The arrival of the Mokka, the new Meriva, and the new Corsa models will allow the plant to create over 1,000 jobs in 2015.
This will bring to an end the mass lay-off plan (known in Spain as an ERE), which currently affects around 1,000 people.
Investments in the coming years will remain significant, after closing 2014 with a total of EUR 210 million. Investments in 2013 reached 168 million. Figueruelas is also awaiting the arrival of the latest version of the Meriva, as well as the B-class people carrier that Figueruelas will be producing for the PSA Peugeot Citroën group, which is expected for 2016.

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